Intervention Services



“Intervention” is a team process by which a career pattern of alcoholism or other harmful chemical dependencies is interrupted in a manner intended to bring about change. When dealing with a substance disorder, an outside force must bring about the interruption of self-destructive behaviors since the person suffering from the disorder will not gain the insight necessary to bring about change by him or herself. The intervention team must bring the substance disorder person face-to-face with his or her disorder in sufficiently dramatic fashion to motivate the beginning of recovery.

Intervention is constructive and positive in its approach. It is designed to be an experience which makes use of love and respect, rather than force to honor the substance disordered person and to invite him or her to accept the team’s solution to the chemical problem: treatment. The team’s goal is to present this “gift” to the recipient with dignity and love, and to know that in doing so they have expressed a unified message as a team of individuals who truly care. A solution is given and action is expected! The intervention process is a unique gift presented to a loved one at a crucial time in his or her life.

Truly, the only failure for the family or those who love the substance disordered individual is the failure to act.

Dr. Hemann conducts all interventions and has conducted successful interventions in multiple states. She works with the team of individuals who are considering this approach over a period of four to six weeks. During this time she will:

  • Educate all individuals in the team about the intervention process, what substance disorders are all about, and the dynamics of a substance disordered individual.
  • Train the team members on the necessary components involved in an intervention and provide mandatory homework assignments for their individual completion and feedback.
  • Role Play and rehearse each component of the intervention until the team is ready to do the intervention.
  • Establish the order of presentation for the intervention.
  • Personally direct the intervention.
  • Provide follow-up services to each member of the intervention team after the intervention is completed.

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