Concepts for Change

Concepts For Change (CFC) is an outpatient counseling center that dedicates itself to the promotion of wellness for any adult struggling with substance disorders or the family members who love them . The agency's primary focus is to enable adults with substance abuse issues to live meaningful and productive lives as responsible members of society and the family members to live happy lives whether or not their loved one stops using substances.

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Why Concepts for Change

Why should I trust the staff at Concepts for Change?

All the counseling staff at CFC have had personal experience with substance disorders, mental health problems, and prison or jail.

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How long has Concepts for Change been open?

We have served the Phoenix area since 1997 when we opened our doors to the recovery needs of criminal offenders and their families.

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Where is Concepts for Change located?

We are located on 51st Ave and Glendale Ave on the North East Side. Please contact us by phone or send a referral for an appointment.

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